Location: UIC Richard J. Daley Library, Room 1-470 (801 S. Morgan St.)

Megan Bhatia
Freelance Learning Facilitator, Engagement Consultant, & Career Coach

 You know that moment that you feel like your world changes through a single experience?  You see yourself differently because you did something you thought was out of reach? Megan Bhatia is on a mission to help people create experiences that do just that.  Megan consults companies and coaches individuals to intentionally create interactive experiences (presentations, meetings, conferences, workshops, retreats) that bring the participants to their own powerful realizations. Her corporate and nonprofit clients report an increased engagement in the workplace, more accountable employees and happier customers. Megan’s individual career coaching clients better understand their strengths/skills and the creative process, learn how to get into action, become empowered to take on new learning curves, and learn the skills to design a life they love. Megan's own experiences have been powerful learning opportunities...as a student in Belgium in Spain, selling real estate in Chicago, a non-profit Director in cross-cultural exchange, an entrepreneur, a speaker/facilitator. Megan's most recent learning curve is being the mom of twin toddlers...yikes that last one is the hardest! 

 Marty Bhatia
Founder and Owner, Digital Ninja Consulting

Marty Bhatia is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BA in communications. He is also a professional trainer and consultant of technology, bridging the gap between business and IT by teaching a language that can be used in everyday business operations. Over the past 10 years he has run his own businesses, with the last 5 years focused on operations consulting within a diverse set of industries, including retail, construction, professional services, and other technology companies. Marty’s expertise includes setting up and training essential business technologies by way of email, calendar, file storage, point of sale, accounting, project management solutions, client relationship management tools (CRMs), and business intelligence dashboards. He has developed custom form tools to help streamline day-to-day operations and help businesses achieve the granularity and insight needed to maximize control and efficiencies. Marty has trained over 1,000 users within 80+ companies in a diversity of industries. He works with businesses that range in size from startups to as many as 200 employees. Aside from Digital Ninja Consulting, Marty was the VP of Education for his Toastmasters Club and the Education Director of his BNI Chapter. Marty is currently working on his first book entitled The Entrepreneur's Guide To Surviving Your 1st Three Years, and offers core training for entrepreneurs via Digital Ninja Academy, which uses many of the technologies that he has developed and used with his clients. Marty has redesigned DigitalNinja.com to be blog centric. He has turned his passion of empowering users public. Digital Ninja has helpful lessons, insights, and information for small to mid-size businesses daily operational challenges and goals.