Location #1: Groups #1-3 will go to the MLK District Garden (South 16th Str./Ridgeway) for weeding, moving soil, planting, cutting back plants

Location #2: Groups #4-9 will go to the garden at Homan St./Harrison Ave. for moving gravel, soil, wood chips, and (if there’s time) planting pollinator plants, shrubs, and watering; YMCA Green Creation Crew will be at this site as well.

Working with the NLCCC Green Subcommittee, SISE Fellows and youth from the YMCA Metro program will weed, mow, plant, etc. at several community gardens. Gardening will be led by Annamaria Leon.

NOTE: Bring 1-2 thermoses filled with water + snacks.

NOTE: Individuals will head to/from North Lawndale on their own