Location: Meet at The Green Tomato (3750 West Ogden Ave.) by 9:00AM

Tour of North Lawndale is a walking tour by My Block, My Hood, My City, which will include:

  • Welcome by MBMHMC team

  • Tour Stop #1: The Green Tomato

  • Tour Stop #2: Legacy Apartment

  • Tour Stop #3: Stone Temple Church

  • Tour Stop #4: One Straw Garden

  • Tour Stop #6: Sal’s

  • Tour Stop #5: Douglas Park Statue

  • Tour Stop #6: Boulevard System History Tour Stop #7: Collins Academy High School

  • Tour Stop #8: Farm on Ogden

NOTE: Please bring 1-2 thermoses filled with water + snacks for the road.

NOTE: Arrive on your own to location; a bus deliver us back to UIC