Bob Anderson

Illinois Institute of Technology

Robert F. Anderson and Associates, Inc.

Bob Anderson is a retired vice president of marketing for UOP LLC, the world’s largest provider of licensed technology to the global oil refining and petrochemicals industry. Prior to that, he was vice president of quality and productivity. During 37 years at UOP, he received 28 US patents, earned a master’s degree in management at Northwestern, and served as managing director of subsidiaries in Belgium and the Netherlands. He is president of Robert F. Anderson and Associates, Inc. and a Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois.
Bob returned to his alma mater, Illinois Institute of Technology, seventeen years ago to start a technology transfer and intellectual property office. He worked with faculty and students for 14 years as an entrepreneurship mentor while serving as investor, officer, director, or consultant to startups in areas including thermal management of large lithium ion batteries, hybrid and plug-in hybrid conversion of vehicles from SUV’s to school buses and city buses, solar energy, and digital motor drives. He was involved in the early stages of IIT’s business incubator development. After retirement from his IIT day job, he throttled back to teaching three classes a week and managing or advising four startup companies.
Bob teaches classes at IIT in creativity, project management, ethics, presentation skills, entrepreneurship and intellectual property, as well as a globally distributed course entitled energy, environment, and economics aimed at graduate students in disciplines from architecture to engineering, science, and business. For several years he served as a senior faculty member at Keller Graduate School of Management where he taught a course in management of organizational change.
He is a regular speaker to groups interested in energy alternatives and has presented short courses in energy and the environment around the world.