SISE 2019

Join us in Chicago for our 9th annual program, Implementation, from July 18-30. There is no program fee, everyone that participates receives lodging on campus free of charge, and there are travel scholarships available for many traveling to Chicago.


Application Deadline: All applications are due May 30. All Interviews must be conducted by June 15.


About Implementation

So, you know you want to change the world. You know the issues. You have an idea of what needs to change. But what’s your plan? How can you change directions? How do you win hearts and minds to your cause? What steps do we take to transform a system when the odds don’t look good? How can we overcome indifference? 

Really, what we’re asking is how do we move mountains? We do it by moving one pebble, one blade of grass, one handful of soil at a time. We do it not by looking at the stars, but by getting our hands dirty down in the trenches. 


This year’s theme, Implementation, moves beyond the “what” to the “how.” Building on the research of previous years, 2019 SISE Fellows will engage with Chicago communities and collaborators to develop critical strategies to help local neighborhoods realize their vision for their future. They will engage with theory and case studies, and then move to the streets and homes of our Chicago neighbors and communities where real change is made at the ground level.


What to Expect

Long days, hard work, meaningful experiences, and lots of laughs. SISE Fellows (or SISE'ers) network with brilliant and inspiring professionals from diverse fields, explore fascinating sites and take "behind the scenes" tours, work with communities to tackle obstacles in a meaningful way and explore one of North America's largest cities with a fun crowd of bright and diverse future leaders. 

For pictures, videos, and more info on what you might expect check out these recaps from some of our previous programs.



Every year, we're fortunate to have some of Chicago's top professionals and academics join us to present talks and work with participants as mentors. Check out our stellar faculty below and come back for updates as we bring on more faculty.

Please note: We don't have cats in fancy ties and hats on faculty. Those pics are just placeholders. :)