The world is undergoing an historic energy transition from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of energy. This transition affects every aspect of modern society -- technology, the environment, economies, and geopolitics -- and necessitates collaboration across disciplines to answer global challenges with innovative and competitive solutions. 

Through scientific discovery and innovation of new technologies, society exerts an increasing influence on the world around us, prompting the need for proactive stewardship of the environment as we transition from reliance on fossil fuels to a more diverse and sustainable energy portfolio.

To solve tomorrow's challenges, we see the need to integrate scientific research and innovative energy technologies into society through informed individuals who can make educated decisions on energy at the personal and civic levels, and in energy-related fields like science, technology, economics, behavior, policy, planning, and entrepreneurship.

It takes approximately fifty years to transition from energy source to energy source. Chart from: Steven Chu and Arun Majumdar, Nature 488, 294 (2012)



The Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) will give the next generation of professionals in science, technology, government, and business the multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to address the rapid advances it brings to the scientific, technical, and cultural foundations of society. It will promote the inclusion of basic energy science research into entrepreneurial endeavors by future scientists, business leaders, and policymakers. It will also foster awareness of the interdisciplinary issues in society, industry, and technology that shape the outcome of basic energy science discoveries.


The world is undergoing an historic transition. Join us.