TransportatioNext is the theme of SISE 7.0

During the inaugural 2011 SISE program, few people could envision the transportation revolution that’s happening now. Societal trends and technological advances are converging, impacting the way we think about our futures and plan for the world of tomorrow. And we see these transportation systems transform before our eyes in ways that we couldn’t imagine even five years ago:

  • Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are “in.” 
  • Smart, driverless cars are on the horizon.
  • Next generation batteries are being tested.
  • Ridesharing is a serious transportation option.
  • Personal cars may give way to mobility as a service.

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Yet as our current transportation systems transform and integrate new technologies, there are unparalleled opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, businesses, cities, banks, architects, and many others. Some we can anticipate, some we can’t fathom, and some that we are facing right now. What are these challenges, what do they mean for individuals and businesses, and how has this changed our collective vision of the future?

In 2017, we’ll look to the future of transportation systems. Participants will engage with experts and diverse ideas through talks and site visits to envision what the future may hold. We’ll cover several trends, including:

  • Technological Advances - the changes leading us to Autonomous Electric Vehicles
  • Emerging Mobility Trends - ridesharing/Micro-Transit and other mobility solutions
  • Infrastructure Challenges - the power grid and its interaction with electric vehicles
  • Global and Local Impacts - the overarching picture

SISE'ers will work on collaborative research projects to develop solutions to potential issues facing our transportation future, enjoy opportunities to network with alumni and Chicago-area experts, and work with youth from the YMCA Metro of Chicago Green Creation Crew.

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