Arvind Srinivasan


My name is Arvind Srinivasan. I'm from India. I go to Auburn University where I am a PhD candidate in Industrial Engineering.

What sustainability, energy, and community issues are important to you?

I believe sustainability is a collective responsibility of every individual starting from grass root to large organizations. Economic and environmental excesses work in tandem and the veracity of this statement could be checked by looking at our own carbon footprint. This progression could be brought about by optimization and continuous improvement and institutions that capitalize on a shift to climate friendly products and services or that find ways to help people adapt to changing conditions could reap massive rewards. There is ample of scope for advancement. Introduction of electric vehicle isn’t going to alleviate the carbon footprint immediately. Measures have to be taken such that power supplied to charging stations should be from renewable energy sources, rather than a coal plant. Most of the renewable forms of energy involves high upfront costs and development corporations should endeavor to make them affordable. The government, on their part, can make provisions to subsidize them to foster and entice common public. In order to bridge those deficits, we need to plug the gaps by new material introduction to make them affordable.

What exciting projects/research are you working on now?

My current research project involves evaluating the reliability of solder joints for applications in automotive and harsh environment. There is a prevalent demand for electronic modules in automotive sector due to the emergence of electric vehicles, and rapid surge in auxiliary features on conventional vehicles operated by combustion engines. These myriads of electronic components are to be accommodated in a consigned space in the automobiles and the size of electronics have to be shrunk and the it is imperative that these components are reliable for a longer term at various temperature cycling, vibration impact and other mechanical effects. My projects have included performing a range reliability tests and material characterization.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I would like to build bountiful knowledge and be able to provide expertise in my line of work as Packaging Engineer after graduating in May, next year. I hope to take lead role in few key projects before assuming managerial responsibilities.

What made you want to apply to SISE?

The program offers a great opportunity to collaborate with people from various walks of life – racial and ethnic socio-economic background, academic profession and levels, integrating our ideas, feedback through brainstorming and multi-disciplinary knowledge to shape the outcome of energy at the personal and civic levels. Acclimatizing to an unfamiliar environment within a limited timeframe, working on a real-world energy-related problem to develop an innovative, comprehensive and interdisciplinary solution apart from nurturing my entrepreneurial skills and critical thinking abilities.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Chicago?

I’m very excited to experience living in a fast-paced, ever-expanding and flourishing city, and in such close proximity to Downtown Chicago for two weeks. I’m looking forward to catching a glimpse of all the infrastructural marvels that the city has to offer and to relish (if not devour) the famous Deep-Dish Pizza.

Do you like Cats? If not, are you willing to learn to like cats?

Not really but wouldn’t mind them around.