Christine Mugure


My name is Christine Mugure. I am from Kenya. I go to Eastern Illinois University where I am an M.S. candidate in Sustainable Energy and Applied Management.

What sustainability, energy, and community issues are important to you?

Circular economy, clean energy development and low emission technologies. Businesses assimilating circular economies into their business models by generating businesses and economic opportunities from the waste. This can range from recovering and restoring products, components and materials and then reusing, repairing or recycling them thus benefiting the environment and the society at large. Clean energy development and adoption of low emission technologies that can facilitate access to clean, affordable and reliable energy using modern technology especially in sub-Saharan Africa. My major areas of interest are in policies and economic opportunities in sustainable energy that can well address the energy challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of community issues, I am interested in empowering people on clean energy options, energy efficiency and reducing consumption without affecting their living standards.

What exciting projects/research are you working on now?

I am currently researching on policies and Economic opportunities in sustainable energy to address the energy challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. I am to present the findings of this research at the ATMAE 2019 conference.

What are your plans for the next five years?

My plan is still a work in progress. I am still figuring somethings out, but I see myself working with organizations whose focus is on energy development, job creation and poverty reduction in the African continent.

What made you want to apply to SISE?

The theme of SISE 2019 on implementation, the opportunity to interact and work with people who have similar interests as mine and the learning opportunity from industry experts. People I interacted with that knew of the program also spoke very highly of it and this also arouse my curiosity.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Chicago?

Participating in the community projects and interacting with SISE 2019 participants. I have heard a lot about Chicago art museums, and I would love to visit them and also attend the Grant park Music festival.

Do you like Cats? If not, are you willing to learn to like cats?

I don’t like live cats because they shed too much hair, but I do like cat photos and videos. I like cats that I am not allowed to have by wildlife services, like the black panther, puma, and the bobcat.