CJ Casey

CJ keeps his own blog online. Below are some excerpts from his blog!

You can find out more about CJ here and read his blog in full here. #bestnerdsonearth


Have you ever just sat in the same room with [X] amount of passionate nerds? BOY is it nuts. It is a melting pot of opinions, ideas, backgrounds, cultures, studies, you freakin name it. You have people shouting from rooftops about nuclear energy, about socio-sustainability, and the occasional Buddy tripping over a rock. One thing is for sure, everyone has that little look in their eyes. It’s that look you see when someone goes on a tangent about something they are passionate about, but then step back and say ‘omg I’m sorry, I don’t mean to go on this tangent’. 

Wow. CJ, so these nerds must not do anything but read every day. HA. As if. These nerds were some of the funnest people I have ever had the pleasure of hanging out with. Their life stories and their motivations are insurmountable and inspiring. They have inspired me to follow my passions and not give an eff about what people will judge you on. These people were some of the best to grab a drink with (or few bottles with s/o Alex). These are the professional relationships and powerful friendships that might just shape your future career paths.

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