Cory Beaver


My name is Cory Beaver. I'm from Morley, Alberta, Canada. I go to Mount Royal University in Calgary where I am a Bachelors in Business candidate.

What sustainability, energy, and community issues are important to you?

What's important to me is continuously learning about sustainability and the energy system because I believe it is constantly changing. What else is important for me is including Indigenous Communities and involving them in the Energy and Sustainability conversation. 

What exciting projects/research are you working on now?

I am currently working on planning an Indigenous Student Energy Summit for January of 2019. Student Energy is a not for profit Organization that has been guiding and supporting this Initiative of mine. My goal for the summit is to Inspire, Empower, Engage, and Educate Indigenous Youth across Canada to learn about sustainability and the energy systems and how education plays the key role and how they can be involved. 

What are your plans for the next five years?

My plans for the next five years is to really focus on my education and continue to advocate for Indigenous People to be included at the table of any discussion. 

What made you want to apply to SISE?

I applied to SISE because I believe every opportunity is a learning opportunity. It's always nice to learn about the sustainability and energy topics from different perspectives. I also like to meet like-minded individuals and build connections.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Chicago?

I am actually keeping an open mind with no expectations. I also have never been to Chicago before so I'm excited but I am looking forward to a great two weeks of learning and collaborating. 

Do you like Cats? If not, are you willing to learn to like cats?

I do like cats. My parents have a fluffy orange tabby cat named Cooper. :)