Thank you, Invenergy Future Fund!

Thank you, Invenergy Future Fund!

In a post back in July, we thanked Invenergy Future Fund for being the first organization to sponsor scholarships for SISE participants at the Orange Level. As a result of their contribution, we were able to bring on two outstanding participants in 2017: Tina Tran and Victor Dario Rodriguez. We asked Tina and Dario to offer a few words about their experience at SISE, and what it meant to them.


We dropped by Invenergy to deliver our SISE Thank You note to Carmeanna Eberly. Low and behold, Brock Taute (SISE 2015) is there working as a Renewables Project Engineer! 

In the process, we got a great mention - and a new hashtag! - courtesy of Invenergy Future Fund VP Amy Francetic!



Tina Tran

SISE was undoubtedly one of the best few weeks I've had. Spending two weeks in the beautiful city of Chicago, learning about electric vehicle technology, environmental impacts, sustainable development, and meeting other professionals with common passions and interests - I could not ask for more. I am grateful to have met some of the smartest, friendliest, and funniest people; I miss them all already. From late nights in friends' dorms (and in hallways to finish our project) to tireless city adventures, SISE was an incredible experience that I will always treasure. 

The field of sustainable development and renewable energy is vital in shaping the future of the world, and it is so important that young professionals excel in these fields. In just two short weeks, SISE has motivated me to be confident and stay focused on my goals, despite our current political climate, and always strive for better. SISE will motivate so many other professionals, leading the global revolution towards a more sustainable, knowledgable future.

Thank you, Invenergy, for sponsoring me, a recent college graduate from Southern California so that I could experience the SISE program and adventure through the beautiful, lively city of Chicago. Since reading about the Chicago's World Fair in my planning courses, I've wanted to visit this city and without you, I would not have been able to experience it firsthand and see more of the world. I miss SISE and the great friends I've made. 


Special Note: Tina was awarded an honorary prize for her contributions to the SISE Social Media Competition, and her team placed first in our annual SISE Research Project Competition. Congrats, Tina!



Victor Dario Rodriguez

After taking part to SISE 2017 at the University of Illinois in Chicago, I could hardly wait to go back to my college and talk to my mentor and classmates about how valuable and worthwhile the SISE experience was for me. I know I was not alone - I heard the same thing from other participants when we talked about SISE during last day of the event.

The value is not just in the content of lectures and how the program is organized. It's also in the visits, the diverse points of view, and, especially, the network and new friends I feel I was able to develop with many of the other participants. I restrained myself from making phone calls right after the event to my new friends and to ask if they have arrived safe to their homes... and to tell them that I was already missing them. 

I believe more and better solutions to serve humankind can be achieved in a great working environment. Life is certainly better working among friends and with the sense of community. SISE is all that.


Special Note: Dario received special permission from his family to attend SISE this year, while simultaneously running his own international business and attending school in Florida. Dario won everyone over by the number of handshakes and hugs he freely gave during SISE.