Kapil Narula


My name is Kapil. I’m from India. I work at the University of Geneva where I am a Senior Researcher and Chair for Energy Efficiency.

What sustainability, energy, and community issues are important to you?

My career goal is to “to provide a leadership role to the world, onto a path of sustainable development”. For a transition to a sustainable society, equal importance needs to be given to technical, financial, behavioral, policy and societal aspects so that the transformation is permanent. I envision a global energy system which is GHG neutral and is people centric.

What exciting projects/research are you working on now?

As the coordinator of the Swiss competence centre for research in energy, society and transition (CREST) at the University of Geneva, I am currently working on the decarbonization of heating system and techno economic modeling of seasonal heat storage.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I visualize my role as that of a leader who brings together small integrated teams which act as a catalyst to achieve a global transition to a sustainable world. Over the next 5 years I see myself in an international organization where the focus is on implementation of projects for making an energy transition.

What made you want to apply to SISE?

The theme of SISE for this year, ‘Implementation’. The SISE program is an ideal ground for exchanging ideas. Small motivated teams can accomplish great things and I hope to learn from program implementation at the neighborhood level.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Chicago?

I look forward to lots of interaction, and to learn from the diverse experiences of participants and mentors. I would also take out time to explore the city, meet new people and involve in social activities.

Do you like Cats? If not, are you willing to learn to like cats?

I don’t particularly like cats but I don’t mind if they stay around.